QualiSpace attended the Cloudbazaar 2017 held on the 8th of November, 2017 at the Nesco Grounds, Goregaon. Cloudbazaar is India's premier Conference, Tradeshow,

Meetup event for Internet Infrastructure Industry where industry veterans share their knowledge and expertise at the Cloudbazaar sessions. Cloudbazaar can be considered as the meeting ground of the brightest minds in the industry and the head honchos of the Internet Infrastructure Industry.

QualiSpace, a Trunkoz group company was a proud silver partners of the event. The one-day event was bustling with activities; Cloudbazaar got a host of Industry experts and organized many keynote events where they willingly shared their success mantras with the visitors. The visitors were also given an opportunity to attend a Panel Discussion where the members talked about the importance of Domains in the current times.
QualiSpace team put up great show of rigour and passion to make the booth equally interactive and fun. QualiSpace’s Free Web Hosting Offer and the Dart game were the two big crowd-pullers to the booth. The Team had a very long day attending visitors, educating them on our offerings and services, interacting with Industry veterans and more. This event proved to be a perfect platform for our teams to know about the latest Industry developments, changing customer expectations. These learnings from the event would help QualiSpace devise new strategies to deliver better products that serve the changing expectations of our customers.

We are delighted to announce our participation in the Wordcamp 2017 on 15th January. This event which is taking place in Pune, Maharashtra, would be the meeting ground for the entire WordPress community.

WordCamp 2017 is the perfect ground for interaction between the entire vibrant WordPress community of bloggers, designers and developers. This would be the right place for you to meet the harbinger of your future business. This event which is open to every section of the population would be attended by people ranging from blogging newbies to professional WordPress Developers and Consultants.

The WordCamp 2017 includes sessions on how to use WordPress plugins effectively and theme development, advanced techniques, security, etc. So the ones visiting or participating in this event are in for a treat. In addition to being one of the leading companies in the Domain-Hosting Industry, QualiSpace is also one of the leading Cloud Service provider. So, we decided to establish our presence further by becoming one of the gold sponsors of WordCamp 2017. For those who wish to establish a business of their own, we help in laying the foundations of every aspect of your business. Since you are already there, you can pick up a few business tricks from the new players and the industry veterans who would be more than willing to share their experiences with you. And for the business part, we as your trusted Online Ally would help you get your business online with more enthusiasm. This would be one of the most interesting and vibrant camps to start the year with. Also, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to learn about us and form a profitable alliance that would go a long way.

QualiSpace attended the Hostingconindia 2016 on the 16th and 17th November, 2016 which was held at the Nesco Grounds at Goregaon. The Hostingconindia is a one-of-its-kind event that encompasses a variety of facets of the Domain-Hosting Industry.

It is a premier conference and trade show for the Cloud, Domains and Hosting Business organised by one of the Domain-Hosting Industry Giants. You can consider it to be the meeting ground of the brightest minds in the industry and the head honchos of the Domain-Hosting Industry where a lot of learning took place. QualiSpace was one of the attendees who followed this event right from the beginning to the next day till the curtains were drawn on the event. We witnessed a lot of on-goings at the event. Day 1 saw a number of speakers who,very willingly shared their success mantras with us and “what makes the customer tick” was the prime topic that many speakers shared their views on. The Day 2 of this event consisted of a Panel Discussion where certain ways to revamp the traditional approaches in the Domain Industry was discussed in depth. Those who were looking for something new to learn, there were workshops conducted for them.

Our Business Development Team, The Account Management Team and the Technical Support Team attended the event with great enthusiasm. This event proved to be a perfect platform for our teams to interact with the industry experts and learn plenty of business mantras from them. In a nutshell, attending the event proved very conducive to our company’s growth. It helped our teams to broaden their horizons and learn new approaches that can be applied to devise new strategies.

QualiSpace attended the BlogX and DomainX conferences that was held in Delhi from 5th-7th August 2016. The BlogX conference was held at JW Marriot, Delhi, whereas the DomainX conference was held at Shangri-La’s, Delhi.

These conferences are the perfect interactive platforms for Bloggers and Domain Name Industry associates to network well, share their experiences and propagate innovative ideas that would help them establish themselves more firmly in their future ventures. BlogX conference is that platform where bloggers and content managers from all backgrounds connect to learn from each other while networking with industry leaders of the blogging community. This conference helped people gain an insight into the world of Bloggers since everyone was surrounded by accomplished bloggers who would willingly share their experiences with you.

The DomainX conference is held with the motto to discover, network, spread awareness and educate general public about the domain name industry in India. This conference helped bring in mass opportunities and provided a perfect opportunity for budding domain name owners, investors and entrepreneurs to form a connection with the industry’s experts. As one of the leading Domain and Hosting Service Provider we had plenty to offer. Our various interactions with the participants generated an interest amongst them in our functioning as an ICANN accredited Domain Registrar and we would definitely be expecting them on board with us!

So, we can aptly conclude that these conferences were the perfect ground for creating networks that would definitely have a long run!

The Global Net Body, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), held its 57th meeting in Hyderabad which was attended by a large part of the internet community of India. This conference took place from the

3rd- 9th November, 2016. The ICANN Ceremony was held on 5th November 2016, Saturday at the main Hall and it was graced by Honorable Minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad current Union Minister holding Law and Justice and Ministry of Information Technology in India.

ICANN57 was longer than the other ICANN meetings that were conducted because it consisted of 7 days of sessions. The third meeting in the three-meeting annual cycle, ICANN57 is the “Annual General Meeting.” It aims to showcase the ICANN community’s work to a broader global audience, while also having days dedicated for Supporting Organization (SO) and Advisory Committee (AC) work.

Being one of the ICANN-Accredited Domain Name Registrars, it was imperative for QualiSpace to be a part of this conference. The newly devised ideas and other rules and regulations should be followed by almost everyone in the Domain-Hosting Industry. An ICANN-Accreditation is a validation in itself, thus attending a conference as this was an opportunity for us to network with the like-minded ones and establish ourselves beyond the set horizons.

QualiSpace attended the World Cloud Summit 2016 on 2nd December,2016 at The Westin, Goregaon. This event, as the name suggests was solely dedicated to the Cloud, one of the latest technology that has been gaining ample

of attention since the past few years. We were among the first few who had decided to venture into the Cloud when it first made itself known to the market. This was done with an intention of helping our customers to establish their business online with more efficiency. The event had around 4 sessions that were conducted by the experts of that very field and focused on the Cloud as their sole topic. The need to opt for the Cloud was asserted with great gusto and so was the various ways through which the Cloud would prove to be a boon for the Hosting Industries since they can increase their business manifold.

The World Cloud Summit 2016 was the perfect ground to meet all of India's leading Cloud, Infrastructure, Web services, and Application giants at a single place, and explore partnership and reselling opportunities. Also, this was a haven for those who have newly ventured into the Cloud as various tips and tricks to boost the Cloud Marketing in the digital era with zero investment were also discussed. As one of the leading Cloud Service Provider, our attendance at such an event was imperative. We interacted with quite a number of people who were in the lookout for a reliable Cloud Service Provider who would help them bring their business online and that too without much hassle.

A loyal customer is what sustains the business and this is what we aim to create. At this event, there were quite a few customers who joined our army of loyal customers, thus, our attendance at this event was a beneficial one.

The World Hosting Day (WHD) was observed by the techies all over India. This event took place in Bangalore on the 28th September, 2016, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The event was held in Bangalore with an intention of

reaching out to the many people who are a part of the technological hub of India. This event was attended by almost every Website Hosting Company that is a part of the Domain-Hosting Industry from quite some time. Being one of the leading Domain-Hosting and Cloud Service Provider in India, it was an obvious choice for QualiSpace to attend this event which would help us network successfully. Many experts had sessions where they explained how the technical revolution that has already been initiated in India can be brought to the forefront with more vigor. Ideas such as targeting the SMBs were put forward as these are the sections that remain untouched by the wave of technological revolution. There were speakers who shed light on how adding Cloud Solutions to your company’s infrastructure can make you more visible to those who are on the lookout for something similar for their business.

The issue of security was also discussed in-depth as it has been one of the most potent threats that is holding back the progress of many businesses. The importance of Social Media, Cloud Technologies with disaster recovery and how Web Hosting constitutes the backbone of internet business, were some of the topics that held everyone’s interest.

One of the highlights of the event’s discussion was the “The three golden tips to win from large competitors”. This event- The World Hosting Day presented the perfect opportunity to discover new business opportunities and make valuable contacts and this was successfully attained by us.

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